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Cannabix Technologies Welcomes Dr. Phillip Olla to the Board of Directors

April 2, 2024

Vancouver, British Columbia, April 2, 2024 -- Cannabix Technologies Inc. (CSE: BLO) (OTC PINK: BLOZF) (the “Company or Cannabix”) developer of marijuana and alcohol breath testing devices is pleased to report that Dr. Phillip Olla (Ph.D.) has joined board of directors. Dr. Olla is an expert in breath technologies, breathomics, healthcare innovation, artificial and medical informatics. Dr. Olla has served as the CEO of Audacia Bioscience a health informatics company who performed substantial work in cannabis breath research and development. Dr. Olla is one of only a handful of scientists globally who has ever conducted delta-9 THC analysis in blood and breath.  Dr. Olla is an associate professor at University of Detroit Mercy in Michigan and is the Vice Chair of the MedHealth Consortium.

Dr. Olla has established himself as a sought-after global speaker. He has authored seven books and more than 60 scholarly publications, showcasing his expertise technology innovation and healthcare. He worked in the telecom and technology sectors for over a decade working for British Telecom and O2 and Oracle. His contributions within the digital health arena have been acknowledged internationally, exemplified by his invitation to speak at a United Nations conference and World Health Organization.   Notably, his professional journey includes collaborations with companies like IBM, Roche Diagnostics and Morgan Stanley. Dr. Olla holds a Ph.D. in Management Information Systems (MIS) from Brunel University, United Kingdom.

Dr. Olla's contributions to “breathomics” are particularly noteworthy. His published research in this domain has established him as a leader in understanding the complex interplay of breath components and their potential applications in medical diagnostics.

Rav Mlait, CEO, stated, “Dr. Olla's expertise in multi-modal breath analysis will aid in advancing Cannabix’s marijuana and alcohol breathalyzer technologies in the U.S. and Europe. Dr. Olla has amassed a considerable network of industry professionals and experience that will help Cannabix move to commercialization. Dr. Olla will also help explore additional applications and market opportunities for Cannabix’s novel breath testing technologies.”

Stock Options

The Company reports the cancellation of 1,500,000 stock options as follows: 450,000 exercisable at $0.80, 375,000 exercisable at $0.50, 500,000 exercisable at $0.55, 175,000 exercisable at $0.35. The Company is granting a total of 2.7M incentive stock options to directors and consultants of the Company. 2,225,000 options will be exercisable at $0.25 per share for five years. 475,000 stock options will be exercisable at $0.25 per share for 2 years, and subject to vesting provisions.

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