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Cannabix Technologies Participates in New Study with Marijuana Breathalyzer technology – Southern United States

July 12, 2022

Vancouver, British Columbia, July 12, 2022 -- Cannabix Technologies Inc. (CSE: BLO) (OTC PINK: BLOZF) (the “Company or Cannabix”) developer of marijuana breathalyzer devices for law enforcement and the workplace reports that the Company is participating in a new comprehensive multi-analysis study of subjects under the influence of marijuana. The new study will work along side toxicologists and law enforcement officers in the southern United States. In late June, the Company participated in the first of three testing sessions that are expected to be held over the summer. The Company has been coordinating for several months on its participation in this study with senior administrators. The study will test subjects under the influence of marijuana alongside several conventional drug screening methods (blood, oral fluid etc.), in conjunction with the use of Cannabix’s proprietary breath capture and marijuana detection equipment (described below). Further, details of the study will be available in due course when disclosure approvals are granted to the Company.

Cannabix has granted use of its Breath Collection Unit and newly developed laboratory “MS Breath Sampler” equipment to this important new research study focused on the detection of marijuana impairment in human subjects. The Company is building upon recent independent study results that showed excellent correlation between blood plasma THC and breath samples collected and analyzed with Cannabix equipment (see news release dated May 9, 2022). The Company’s handheld Breath Collection Unit and newly developed laboratory “MS Breath Sampler” were used to detect the low volatile THC samples from breath with analysis completed without sample preparation and the results confirmed by conventional mass spectrometry.

Cannabix BCU

New Cannabix BCU

This kind of study underway in southern United States will provide an important launch point for Cannabix devices in terms of a law enforcement and toxicology audience. Cannabix is using its marijuana breathalyzer technology to detect ∆9-tetrahydrocannabinol (“THC”) - the psychoactive component of marijuana that causes impairment, in breath. Breath testing for THC would allow law enforcement to quickly and practically identify recent marijuana use that aligns with the timing window of impairment, unlike other technologies such as saliva or urine.

Currently, Cannabix is focussed on capturing and analyzing real-world breath data using its equipment. Company scientists are confirming these breath results against gold-standard techniques of mass spectrometry – the primary method that the toxicologist community, regulatory bodies and other stakeholders rely on routinely for analytical confirmation. The research study is an important opportunity to provide relevant real-world data for regulators and other experts seeking new ways to effectively screen for marijuana impairment.  Cannabix will use most of the same hardware for its point of care (FAIMS based) detection system. The Company expects to expand such testing as it prioritizes various requests.

According to the NHTSA report to congress (2017) THC in blood drops rapidly after cessation of smoking. In contrast to alcohol, which is metabolized at a relatively steady rate, THC is metabolized at an exponentially declining rate where the THC blood level first drops rapidly, followed by a slower decline as lower THC levels are reached. Within 30 minutes of smoking THC level can decline 80 – 90 percent from its peak level, while levels of metabolite increase (which can be identified using the Cannabix MS Breath Sampler). After a few hours, only low or no THC can be detected in blood.  Confirmation of drug presence as quickly as possible after the time of a law enforcement stop is paramount to increase the chance of convictions for recency of use in drugged driving. Use of Cannabix equipment can help reduce the time to confirm drug presence with easy to collect breath samples using breath analysis techniques that law enforcement officers are already familiar with.

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