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Cannabix Technologies Engages MistyWest - Provides Development Update on Marijuana Breathalyzer

November 15, 2018

Vancouver, British Columbia, November 15, 2018 -- Cannabix Technologies Inc. (CSE: BLO) (OTC PINK: BLOZF) (the “Company or Cannabix”) developer of the Cannabix Marijuana Breathalyzer for law enforcement and the workplace, is pleased report that it has engaged a leading B.C. based engineering and design firm for the development of a handheld breath collection device for its marijuana breathalyzer unit. MistyWest Engineering of Vancouver has begun work on a portable handheld device that will provide for easy collection of breath samples at the point of care.
MistyWest is a highly regarded engineering and design firm that has worked on several high profile and innovative product development projects in North America –demonstrating the ability to complete projects rapidly. Cannabix will use the new handheld unit for the collection of multiple samples from many users under a variety of conditions, quickly. The new breath collection unit (“BCU”) will provide key physiologic breath sample data under different environmental conditions to determine the effects such parameters on a ∆9-tetrahydrocannabinol (“THC”) breath sample. The device will be lightweight and include advanced display capabilities as well as temperature, pressure and relative humidity measurement capabilities. The BCU will be designed to collect numerous samples required for pilot and research testing and be easy to administer by untrained personnel. Furthermore, the BCU will allow scientists to store samples and determine the effects of decay time on the sample which is an important parameter in the evidentiary process. It is estimated that the new handheld unit will be ready by the end of this year. This BCU will interface directly with the innovative FAIMS (field asymmetric waveform ion mobility spectrometry) based instrument for the detection of THC in human breath that Cannabix is developing.
Dr. Raj Attariwala stated, “We are pleased to be working with a local firm MistyWest on the development of this breath collection unit as it will aid in our ability to collect multiple breath samples under various conditions to enhance our capacity for sample collection, storage and handling. The engineers at MistyWest have a lot of experience with human factor design and creating these kinds of devices efficiently. This will integrate with our added capacity for gas analysis using our new state of the art equipment at our Florida facility.” 
The Company also reports that it has recently expanded its lab space in Gainesville, Florida and acquired an additional Thermo Scientific GC mass spectrometer that is designed to analyze breath samples by using the gold standard for gas analysis by enabling thermal desorption from sorbent tubes. In addition, Cannabix has added additional electrical engineering staff in Vancouver.

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