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Cannabix Technologies Applauds Liberal Party election victory and its significance to Marijuana Legalization in Canada

October 21, 2015

Vancouver, British Columbia, October 21, 2015 -- Cannabix Technologies Inc. (CSE: BLO) (OTC PINK: BLOZF) (the “Company”), reports that the Canadian federal election victory by Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party presents a significant step forward in the potential legalization of marijuana in Canada.  Prime Minister-Elect, Justin Trudeau has been outspoken about his support for the legalization of marijuana in Canada.  During his campaign, Prime Minister-Elect, Trudeau promised to get to work “right away” towards legalizing marijuana. With this development in Canada and the continuing trend by various states in the United States to decriminalize recreational use of marijuana, Cannabix Technologies believes that its development of a marijuana breathalyzer is even more urgently needed to enforce marijuana impaired driving and road safety.

Cannabix is focused on developing a hand held breathalyzer for law enforcement that can be used to gather evidence of marijuana impaired driving at the roadside. At present, there is no scientific and court accepted tool for law enforcement to gather evidence of marijuana impaired driving to support criminal charges.  In addition, the court systems in North America have been reluctant to proceed with criminal charges against drivers arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana without scientific evidence to support such charges.

Cannabix is working to develop a hand held marijuana breathalyzer that will be similar to alcohol breathalyzers currently used by law enforcement. The Cannabix Marijuana Breathalyzer would be used to gather scientifically validated and court accepted evidence of marijuana impairment at the roadside.

Cannabix also reports that it has added Jared Boock, Ph.D. to its team of scientists. Dr. Boock holds a doctorate in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Florida and has extensive experience in working with high-field asymmetric waveform ion mobility spectrometry (FAIMS) based methods of detection of volatile compounds. Cannabix is excited to add Dr. Boock to its scientific team to enhance product development.

Cannabix is recognized as a first mover and leader in the development of a marijuana breathalyzer and is working to develop a court certifiable marijuana breathalyzer for use by law enforcement to enhance safety as various jurisdictions move towards the decriminalization of the recreational use of marijuana.

We seek Safe Harbor.

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